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J-Kaiwa concept


When I started J-kaiwa in 2003, I had one concept in my mind.

I was frustrated as to why most Japanese students studied English for 6 years at school and yet still couldn't speak or comprehend English.

I was disappointed to see that students often found English difficult and boring at school!!!

I wanted to start a school that would change this attitude.

A school at which students could actually have fun as they were learning...yes, that's right a new concept that the Japanese Education department was's ok to have fun and learn at the same time!!! fact, it's not only ok, but it's necessary!!!

If students aren't enjoying what they are learning, then chances are they won't be taking it all in, and won't want to continue.

There is no magic to learning English and you certainly don't need to be a  genius to be able to understand English...improvement comes with practice, perseverance, persistence, hard work, and effort,, what's the secret?...the secret is, it's important for both teachers and parents to understand the way children think. 

What makes them tick!

What makes them laugh?

What do they respond to?

The reason why a child will want to start studying English will inevitably be a different one to that of the parent!!!

It is necessary for teachers to realize that each student's personality is different, as are there leaning progression...some students may be good at writing and yet lack the confidence to speak.

Other students may not like writing and yet have a flare for speaking and listening.

Each child is different however the basic formula stays the same...effort from a student followed by praise!!!

There is no big secret, but there are a few important thigs that you as parents should understand about the leaning progress and also what you can do I have teaching English to children.

I love watching them laugh and seeing smiles on their faces, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching them progress.

I feel this way, as do all of the teachers who teach at J-kaiwa. 








J-Kaiwa英語教室 代表

​Jamie Hubbard

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