The J-Kaiwa  Team! 

Jamie Hubbard
  • Date of birth: 26/03/1971

  • Hobbies:  travelling, going to onsens, listening to music, watching movies, playing sport (basketball, golf, tennis, triathlon.....)

Hi!! Im Jamie!! I come from Brisbane, Australia. I studied Japanese language at High School and did a Youth Exchange homestay programme to Saitama, Japan in 1986. I have always been interested in Japan; in particular Japanese food, Japanese culture and history..... I especially like samurais. I worked for the Prince Hotel in Niigata and Osaka for one year. and also for CBS Television at the Nagano Olympic Winter Games in 1998. I came to Miyazaki in 1999 and worked at the Mimata Town Office as Co-Ordinator of International Relations for 3 years. In 2002, I began working as a reporter with UMK on a programme called Jaga Jaga Ten koku. Following this I started working at Joy FM radio station on a corner called Shabbete Miran-ne Crazy English on the Hybrid Morning Breakfast show. Currently I am the MC on a tv programme called 3KYU on UMK, which is broadcast every Friday morning at 10:50. Also, I work as MC for weddings, festivals and other events, and also appear on TV commercials. I love living in Miyazaki.....I like the people, the climate, the food, clean air, beaches, mountains, and the laid back lifestyle!!

  • Favorite Japanese food: Sushi (Ippei Sushi Lettuce Maki), Tofu, Yaki Niku, Shabu Shabu, Unagi,and Okonomiyaki.




そう、僕は侍が大好きでごじゃる!ホームスティがすごくよかったので、 大学でも日本語を専攻し、卒業後の1993年に新潟と大阪のプリンスホテルで1年間働きました。

また、1998年の長野冬季オリンピックのとき、CBSで働きました。 その後宮崎に1999年に来て、国際交流員として、三股町役場で3年間働きました。 (その時から宮崎に恋しています!) 2002年から、UMKの「じゃがじゃが天国」という番組にレポーターとして働き始め、そして、ラジオの JOY FMで「しゃべってみらんねCRAZY ENGLISH」という午前中の番組をはじめました。

2008年の10月から「3きゅう」というUMKテレビ番組で司会をしています。 この番組は毎週金曜日の午前10時50分に放送されていますので、ぜひみちょって下さい。

また、私は結婚式や祭り、他のイベントの司会として働いたり、TVのコマーシャルにも出ています。 私は宮崎に住むことや、宮崎の人柄、天候、食べ物、 きれいな空気、海、山、そしてゆったりとしたライフスタイルが大好きです!

Mai Miyano
  • Date of birth: 07/09/1994

  • Favorite Foods: Tonkotsu Ramen, Osashimi

  • Hobbies: Dancing, Live Music Shows

Hello! I'm Mai from Canada!

I'm a second-generation Japanese-Canadian. I was born and raised in Canada so this is my first time living in Japan! I am so happy to be living in Miyazaki and to be working with everyone here at

J-Kaiwa. I will be assisting with administrative work as well as taking the lead on some new J-Kaiwa events and projects! Exciting things are in the works and on their way! I look forward to meeting everyone. Let's have fun with English!








Teri Cullen
​New Teacher!
  • Birth date: 3/28/1991

  • Hobbies: arts and crafts, video games, swimming, and music.

  • Favorite  food: Katsudon, shepherd's pie

Hello, everyone! My name is Teri and I am from Scotland in the UK. 

My hobbies are arts and crafts, video games, swimming, and music. I love playing the saxophone! My favorite animals are dogs. I have a pet dog, he is nine years old, and his name is Momota. 

I studied Japanese at Edinburgh University. I also did an exchange program for one year, where I stayed in Kyoto, and studied at Doshisha University. 

For the last two years I have been teaching English in Aichi, and I am excited to start teaching at J-Kaiwa soon! 

I'm looking forward to living in Miyazaki, and hopefully making new friends and learning to surf, too! I can't wait to meet all of you! 








Mitchell Potter
  • Birth date: 21/12/1989

  • Hobbies: reading, hiking, playing sports, singing choral music, teaching English

  • Favorite  food: Fricot(カナダ伝統料理のシチュー),  thai curry,  wagashi​

Hello! My name is Mitchell Potter and I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese culture, language, and history. Miyazaki looks like a wonderful place to live and make friends, and I can’t wait to explore the prefecture. Learning languages is a wonderful thing – it teaches you about other cultures and exercises your mind. I am excited to speak English with all the students at J-Kaiwa!

Hello! カナダのノヴァスコシアというところから来ました、ミッチェル・ポッターと言います。




Nanami Momiki
​New Teacher!
  • Birth date: 15/10/1998

  • Hobbies: drawing pictures, listening to music (Kpop!)

  • Favorite  food: sushi (salmon)

Hello, I'm Nanami! 

I was graduated from Miyazaki International Collage this year, and fortunately I joined J-kaiwa team!!!

Through part-time job at J-kaiwa past 2 years, it brought me lots of fun, and also much energy for studying English from every J-kaiwa students☆

I'm working with office and grammar teaching. 

Please feel free to ask me anything!!!